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Spider Woman Rock
Spider Woman Rock
18X24 Oil on Canvas


Have you ever been to Canyon de Chelly ? To me it is one of the most magical places on the planet. Beautiful smooth red sandstone walls towering hundreds of feet above the canyon floor holds beauty and history of the southwest. Spider Woman Rock is a spire that raises up from the bottom of the canyon and stands as a sentinnel overlooking Chinlee wash. It is said that Navajo parents warn their children to be well behaved by telling them that the white area on the top of Spider Woman Rock are the bleached bones of Navajo children who mis-behaved!

The original is framed and ready to ship. I have sold a fair number of prints of this painting. If you are interested in a framed print, greeting card, coffee mug, or other, go to my Prints Page. Museum quality and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Art of the Southwest by Jerry McElroy
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