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Original oil portrait paintings and museum quality prints of Southern Ute Indian Chiefs

Buckskin Charley was born Charles Buck sometime around 1840 in Cimarron County in New Mexico. Yo-O-Witz was his Indian name which means
"The Fox".

His father was Ute and his mother was Apache, both died when Charles was only 10 years old. He grew up to battle with the plains Indians. In one skirmish, he took a bullet to his forehead from a commanche's pistol which left a scar which he carried the rest of his life.

He gained the nickname of "Buckskin Charley" while serving as a scout for the U.S. Army who often relied upon him to hunt deer to feed the soldiers.

Buckskin Charley became the Chief of the Mouache Band of the Utes when he was just 30 years old. He had 3 children with his wife, Sally Buck.

After the Treaty with the U.S. Government in 1868, Buckskin Charley settled down, building a log cabin along the Los Pinos River and raised sheep, cattle, and horses on Mesa Mountain near Ignacio, Colorado.

Buckskin Charley died in May of 1936 at the age of 95 and is buried next to Chief Ouray in the Southern Ute Cemetary in Ignacio.

Buckskin Charley
"Chief Buckskin Charley"
24X36 Oil on Canvas
Beautifully Framed for $8,600
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Ouray was born in Taos New Mexico in 1833. His father was Jicarilla Apache and his mother was of the Tabeguache Band of the Ute Indians.

Chief Ouray had one son from his first wife who was kidnapped by a group of Sioux warriors while Ouray was on a buffalo hunt notrh of Denver. After his first wife's death, Ouray remarried with another Tabeguache girl in 1859 by the name of Chipeta.

During negotiations of the treaty of 1868, Ouray was designated as the spokesperson for all 7 bands of the Utes, and thus, became Chief . He was considered a reasonble man to deal with and ultimately was remembered as the Chief who worked for peace for the Ute People.

Chief Ouray died in 1881 and is buried alongside Buckskin Charley in the Ute Cemetary in Ignacio.

Chief Ouray
"Chief Ouray "
30X36 Oil on Canvas
Beautifully Framed for $8,600

Son of a Medicine Man, Ignacio was born in 1828. At the age of 14, Ignacio witnessed the death of his father who was atempting to use his medicine to cure another tribal member. When his medicine failed and the man died, a family member of the deceased killed Ignacio's father. The young Ignacio took revenge by killing this man and several of his family members with a hunting knife and later killed the rest of the family with bow and arrow. His actions made him famous within the tribe and brought him so much respect, that when he became older, they made him Chief.

Chief Ignacio died in 1913 at the age of 85.

Chief Ignacio
"Chief Ignacio"
30X40 Oil on Canvas

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